Family Vacation – Vancouver

There’s not really much to say…except for the fact that it was freaking awesome. Enjoy the pictures!


We try to have at least one family trip a year and this one was very different. My parents and my brother flew to Seattle from Houston, while I flew from New York. We then we all drove up to Vancouver. I ended up flying out of Vancouver while they all went back to Seattle to get back home.

Family Fun

Walking Around the Park Waiting for Our Food My Mom Pouring Me a Beer A Happy Dad Learning to Hold the Camera Aw Man, I Wasn't Ready My Parents Are Awesome Nguyens, All In a Row The Walk Isn't So Bad


You should by now that I love food.

What an Awesome Poached Egg! So Delicious Bim Bim Bap Awesome Ramen BEEEEF! What a Fancy Cappuccino Yumm, Korean BBQ Yumm, Korean BBQ Fresh Dumplings


A short distance away, we found ourselves surrounded by nature.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Crossing Bridge 1300 Year Old Douglas Fir So Do You Yield, or Do They? Bridge From Afar Find the Banana Slug

My Parents Are the Best

What Spooked My Mom?