New Year’s Fireworks!

Funchal | New Year’s Fireworks | Porto | Caramulo | Lisbon

Pre-New Year Espetada

Syp took us to her friend’s house party to celebrate New Year’s on a rooftop to see the fireworks. I wasn’t expecting food at all, but when I saw the grill, I was stoked. My mind was blown when I went for a closer look: espetada. It was freaking amazing to say the least. It was being served to us on the bay leaf branch it was cooked on.

Preparing the Espetada Espetada on the Grill

Best Fireworks Show Ever

After some relaxing, it was time for the fireworks, so we headed up to the roof and they passed out champagne glasses. When the fireworks started, my head exploded. Literally, I could see fireworks from my left peripheral to my right peripheral. They also passed around a small bag of twelve raisins to welcome in the New Year.

Post New Year Snacks

It wasn’t over yet. Pablo’s mom brought out homemade soup and sandwiches for us and others brought desserts and snacks. It was a really great New Year!

Soup and Sandwich Post New Year Party

And all of us won’t forget that Sarah’s candle-flicking skills dominate. How’d this all start? It was a hurricane that brought all of us together at Teresa’s house. We were bored out of our minds and they had candles to light up the house. Thus, the candle-flicking game was born.

Party Until the Night’s Over

The night has just begun. We made our way to a club, but waited around for a while outside until others met up with us and a few others got back from the ATM. After some bar hopping and street wandering, we ended up having what might be the best hotdogs and burgers ever. Try adding shoestring fries, it’s freaking delicious. Anyway, the night didn’t end until morning. After watching the sunrise, we went to bed.

Stone Beach and Doca Do Cascavas
1 January 2012

After waking up in late in the afternoon, we made our way to Doca Do Cascavas, the world famous pool. There’s a tunnel to take you to a stone beach. It looks really weird – no sand at all.

Sun is Trying to Push Through Natalie, Fish Gazing Tunnel to the Beach Wandering the Stone Beach Zen Stones at the Beach The Vibram FiveFingers Waves Crushing the Stones They're Really Not That High Up

Known for their amazing pools, there’s also a restaurant nearby with an great view of the sunset. We had grilled lapas, a favorite there. We tore them up!

Doca Do Cascavas One of Our Five Grilled Lapas Dishes Snails, Lapas, and Clams Beer and Sunset

Funchal | New Year’s Fireworks | Porto | Caramulo | Lisbon