Imagine Cup 2005 Recap

It‘s all over and done with, finally! Although we didn’t place for national finals, we did win 1st in our region!

Flight into Seattle was nice. Cool, NOT humid, and very sunny…surprisingly. We got to the Residence Inn in the Redmond Town Center and checked out the area. Later in the evening, we met up with Brad, Brian, and Vito for dinner at the Claim Jumper. The food portions are HUGE!!! And the rasberry cheesecake was so good.

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Morning began with an intro to our activities and a presentation of the new Windows Mobile 5.0 devices coming out. It’s going to be sweet! 3D games, 4 gig HD for music, photos, etc. and more. Later we had a project fair in Building 30/31. I was so surprised to see how many MS employees came out to see our projects! Thanks to everyone who came out and checked out our stuff! Later that night we had a Halo 2 tourney. MS employees came out to play with us all through the night and 8 top lucky winners won an X-Box!

[Morning] This morning we went to the Microsoft Conference Center (MSCC), where Best Buy was also having their conference with MS. We got in the room, had breakfast, briefed about the activities for the day, and went first for the regional competition. We went to building 34 and Kevin got us lost. It’s not his fault, the paper had a typo. After our presentation, we went back to the MSCC and relaxed. Some Quake III, and Daryll put up some trailers of the games for X-Box 360! I’m telling you the games are going to be awesome!

[Afternoon] Lunch followed and Regional winners are were announced in the Cascade room. WE WON! Later were the presentations for Nationals. We are third from last to present and so we watched everyone’s presentations. They all were really good. Our turn…and we’re done.

[Evening] Dinner came, and judges deliberated. Nervousness took over. 3rd place: Northeastern, 2nd place: Carnegie Mellon, and first…Virginia Commonwealth! Too bad we didn’t place.

[Post Competition] Pavan, Josh, Ryan and I went to Cucina! Cucina! Italian Cafe and chilled at the bar. This is what Imagine Cup is all about: meeting random people from across the nation and making conversation. Our host recommended some really, really good drinks!

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We are team Agile Agents from the University of Houston and our project is CrystalThought.

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