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…a new journey begins and my privacy ends. Let’s see what’s going on in my mind right now:

[QOTD] “You put an apple in his mouth?” – Grace


  1. Our Software Engineering presentation was terrible
  2. My OpenGL project was incomplete, since I started it a few hours before it was due
  3. CrystalThought Flash and PowerPoint presentation is to be completed ASAP
  4. OpenGL Final is on Thursday


  1. My first time at Whataburger was AWESOME!
    1. After you order, you get a plastic number thing. It’s really fun to play with (Thanks James!)
    2. They have the bendy straw things.
    3. They bring your food to you
    4. They walk around to offer condiments
    5. Ketchup comes in a platic bowl thing, not a packet
  2. Javier’s party is on Friday!
  3. Montreal, Canada business trip on Saturday
  4. Redmond, Washington trip next week

I really need to get back to work…

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