American Media

It makes me sick! I’m watching CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News’s coverage on the St. Louis Praxair plant explosion and they keep using adjectives to make this seem like…war is upon us. I mean come on, it’s a plant that packages liquified gas into containers. If it’s going to blow up, it’s going to be big, but NOT comparable to war.

“Lighting bolts of fire shooting into the sky.” -haha, enough said.
“Such a large area than you see on the screen.” -its a city block.
“Firey flames from hell.” -um…yeah.
“Enormous fire caused by an enormous amount of gas.” -DUH..its a gas plant!

On the other side, VS.NET 2005 is freaking awesome. Controls for EVERYTHING. Seriously, check it out when you get a chance.

Now for Simpsons.
Skinner: “I believe only ride for me is the ride of broken dreams.”
Homer: “You mean the Enron ride?”

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