Sandcastle Competition

This past weekend Ketchup, Marie and I went to Galveston to check out the 19th AIA Sandcastle Competition on East Beach. Thanks to Elizabeth for telling us about it! It’s amazing what people can do with sand, water, time, and (for a few teams) alcohol. There were 80+ ‘sandcastles’ and my favorite was “Alfred’s Guide to Sandcastle Building”.

We later met up with Grace, Joseph and Sophia. I caught a baby crab, Joseph dug a hole, Grace was buried, Sophia drew things and then guys went for a swim. Seaweed wars and wave diving became boring, so we tried to catch the flying fish, but with no success.

WARNING: Do not open your mouth or eyes in Galveston beach!!! It tastes gross and burns the eyes.

No, I did not do it on purpose. Red flags were up and we went out to where we could barely touch the bottom, go figure.

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