RAM is delicious.

I cant decide. I’m torn. If money wasnt an issue, I’d get the Sony. But I can do one of two things. The OCZ shown below for $44.95 OR the Sony for $69.98 (before taxes). Which one looks better? Actually, the real question is if the Sony is worth $25.03 more than the OCZ, should I spend that much more for the Sony? I need more opinions.

[$69.98] 512MB Sony VAIO Notebook 200pin PC2100 DDR SODIMM
[$44.95] OCZ 512MB DDR PC2100 SO-Dimm

Install RAM 01

No point in comparing the price. OCZ is the clear winner.

Think I’m crazy? Sohel is: g35 > 350z, but for me, RAM is RAM. I’ll pick up the OCZ at fry’s tomorrow after work.

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