Tom and Rita: Volume 02.

She’s still coming, I’m still staying. Rita looks to be turning toward the Texas/Louisiana coast which is very good news for us, but not my family in Beaumont. I really hope the have left the area completely, not just a little bit north on 69.

IMG_2182 IMG_2188 IMG_2195 IMG_2228
not so happy. cheap gas! backroads 290/barker
IMG_2247 IMG_2254 IMG_2284 IMG_2300
wrong way! 290 almost home blocked exit
IMG_2311 IMG_2331 IMG_2341 IMG_2348
gas demand john eagle honda used cars half and half
IMG_2370 IMG_2392 IMG_2404 IMG_2415
new cars GONE even saturn sam’s club closed! no gas here
IMG_2418 IMG_2424 IMG_2425 IMG_2426
or here can’t send flowers can’t buy rims can’t order pizza
glass anyone?

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