Chevron’s Hiring Process.

I applied to Chevron about the same time as all the other companies before. They had an info session the night (mid October) before the interview date. It was a very comfortable event and they announced how the interview would be: business causual…no suits, my favorite! Both went very well and I had a very good image of the company. They said we would hear from them very soon, so I was thinking a couple weeks.

A month goes by and I hear nothing…seriously, NOTHING. No email, phone call…nothing. So I think I’m not in. After my second round interviews with other companies and waiting on a final response from them, I receive an email from Chevron’s HR (mid November) that they just received my information and is currently under review. A few days later, they call me to see if I’m free December 2, today. I tell them it would be tentative because of my classes and finals were coming around.

As some of you may know I have already accepted a job at another company. I called Chevron this morning to let them know I would not be able to make it because of classes (I have two reviews for finals today!) and they took a really big offense to this. I understand it is a process that took a long, very long time, but I’m still a student. So he hung up on me.

Needless to say, I’m a bit perturbed about how Chevron has handled the candidates for new hires compared to other companies. They are a bit late in the game and very unprofessional, or maybe it was just the recruiter. Either way, he reflects how I view the company and as of now, it’s not too good. Maybe I’ve gone through a unique experience, but I’m still shocked I got hung up on.

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  1. I applied in mid-January 2011, took a test in the beginning of February, passed it and had an interview in early March. I haven’t heard anything from Chevron–no email, phone call, nor letter–and it has been almost 4 weeks. The wait is killing me! I really want to work there, but I wish I knew if they still want to hire me instead of keeping me in suspense.

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