Get Your OWN Domain.

Also, make sure you OWN the domain as well. I’m in Dallas working on a project with my previous employer for a few days. We just encountered some crazy things this morning on domain name ownership and expiration, yes…expiration.

Company [A]: Us, the current developers. We do the magic.
Company [B]: Them, the clients. They have the deep pockets.
Company [C]: Old developers. They don’t do the magic.
Company [D]: Domain name guys. They do what their title says.

Here’s the deal: A few months ago, [B] told [C] to renew their domain account. [A] found out around 3 AM this morning that the domain for [B] expired while he was working. (Yes, [A] works many hours, sleeping but a handful of hours a day.) [A] contacts [C] about the issue and calls up [D] to find they are on the west coast and have office hours starting at 9 AM, PST. [A] is still waiting for a response.

Lesson learned? If you’re working on a project, either as a developer or client, own your own domain. Make sure you get the clients to understand why this is important to avoid the above situation. It may be trivial to some, but make sure you OWN your domain!

3 thoughts on “Get Your OWN Domain.

  1. YES!

    And don’t buy your domain through your host, cuz when you move they can be dicky about the domain transfer -OR- the registrar itself can be dicky about changing registrars ( is HORRIBLE for this).

    I had to rend from XO Communications and then later had a hell of a time getting lawndale’s domain out of

    Primary thing to remember when dealing with domain people: They are all bitches.

  2. is horrible, they’ve been horrible from the start, I don’t know how they’re still in business, I don’t know why PC Mag. gave them 4 stars

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