Mini High School Reunion.

Only three of us, but of all places, we met at 24 Hour Fitness! That’s just crazy! Good seeing you Sarah and Atul!

Tip of the day:
Remember when working on a team project to NOT break the code and check it in thinking no one else will be touching it. Eventually, it will and when it does, it usually happens at a really bad time. Either that, or you bring the whole system down and crash and burn all the living souls within a 50 mile radius. (OK, maybe not that bad, but it really sucks.)

GO COOGS!!! Rice vs. UH, dude we have to win. If not, I’ll have to play Battlefield 2 and relieve some tension. If we do win, I’ll play Battlefield 2 because its so fun!

Good luck to everyone with their interviews tomorrow!

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