One Week: No Electricity, No Internet.

What a week…Here’s a long post to catch you all up on my adventures.

Reliable Plugins
Quantum DB for Eclipse can’t count.

FROM table1 sf
WHERE sf.TYPE = ‘type1’
AND sf.SCID ‘sneeze’
AND sf.MSCD IN (1, 2)

Result: 1456

while ( {
 fto = new FilterTestObject(



Result: 1455

Excel’s features you should know and use more often (if you aren’t already):
-Format > Conditional Formatting (there should be MORE than just 3!)
-Data > Filter > AutoFilter
-Data > Text to Columns
-Window > Split
-Window > Freeze Panes

Java/C# Coding standards, which do you follow?
//A – Java, Eclipse
public void foo() {
  //this is ugly to me

//B – C#, VS2003
public void foo()
  //this is so much more appealing to the eyes

Lotus Notes: Inbox Folders
Renaming folders

Projects _Projects OK
projects Projects ERROR! wtf?!
mtm ack proc mtm_ack proc mtmackproc wtf?!

Sub-folder sorting is apparantly random if you add new folders or move existing ones around, but it is alphabetized after you reopen the Inbox Folder.

2 thoughts on “One Week: No Electricity, No Internet.

  1. Id definitely go with B on the coding standards – easier on the eyes ?

    What about naming variables , the notation for that ? Camel Hump, Hungarian or Underscore etc

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