Disappointment X 3.

Disappointment TIMES THREE. I’m not going to ruin the movie for you. I’m not going to tell you what happens and what doesn’t happen. I’ll just tell you X3 was such a disappointment.

If anyone has or knows where I can get the original X-Men comics/cartoons, please send them my way. Those were the good times.

*Work is going great now! All I had to do was sit down and explain everything I did to ensure that knowledge transfer was a success. I had to prove that I did my job, not by the results, but by being able to list all classes/files I changed as well as what I changed. (JUST A THOUGHT: I guess I’m the new guy. I have to prove myself. Not a problem and fair enough.)

One thought on “Disappointment X 3.

  1. if you want some comics then check some torrent sites they put them up in pdf so you can read them without the worry about ruining your comic book

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