Web Programming Basics…?

I want to make the assumption that these three broken rules below are supposed to be common sense. Is it fair to say that these rules are basic for any web developer? I ran into some of these on my migration project.

Rule 1: Know the difference between absolute and relative paths.
-URLs were absolute. Migrating to a new server didn’t work because it pointed to the old server!
Rule 2: Know Javascript. Don’t use a feature just because “it works.”
-When clicking on the menu (top frame), the main screen (middle frame) was pushed to the side, literally. The left frame “pushed” the main screen to the right hand side with one pixel left showing.
Rule 3: CSS is included by: <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”style.css” type=”text/css”>.
-…not as an ASP include file! It was even called “sitestyles.css”; no ambiguity.

More to come…hopefully not.

3 thoughts on “Web Programming Basics…?

  1. I agree with the first two. Javascript overkill is something I despise, but whats wrong with the third one ( the file name is not that great ) ?

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