I When, You Lose.

(9:46:28 AM) Joseph: dang you for not bringing your tie fighter so spidey could fight it
(9:46:40 AM) Joseph: where is you “country” huh?
(9:47:03 AM) Thomas: what?!
(9:47:12 AM) Joseph: o you get it
(9:48:30 AM) Thomas: lasers > web.
(9:50:33 AM) Joseph: they’re toys
(9:50:43 AM) Joseph: we’re not going into real reality
(9:50:59 AM) Joseph: i’m not saying the REAL spiderman vs. a REAL tie fighter
(9:51:05 AM) Joseph: i’m saying my toy vs yours
(9:51:06 AM) Thomas: yeah, b/c real reality…there is such a thing of spiderman and tie fighters.
(9:51:09 AM) Joseph: mine would SO when
(9:51:14 AM) Thomas: SO WHEN?
(9:51:15 AM) Thomas: haahaha
(9:51:19 AM) Joseph: hahahaha
(9:51:22 AM) Joseph: exactly

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