From BW3 to the Park.

After working a few hours at Tropioca, I got hungry and we decided to go to Biba’s. On the way there, we pass up Buffalo Wild Wings and I decided to go eat there instead so we can watch the Astros game.

Wings and Astros Tickets! We sit and order. It’s 3-0 after the first inning, 7-0 after the second, and we STILL haven’t had our food. One of the workers drops off two Astros tickets and says “ya’ll should go to the game.” AWESOME! They were in section 416, row 5, seat 14.
Section 106! WE KICKED ASS: 1-14! After our food, we hit up Minute Maid Park. We find a bunch of standing area, and then we just sat down in section 106 row 36, seats 18 and 19! Sweet view. Nevertheless, we won 14-1. GO ASTROS!

GO ROY O! He hit his FIRST EVER career homerun tonight!

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