DUE, Where Do We Draw the Line?

DUE: Dumb User Error.

The best part about my web development projects is seeing the results immediately. It’s refreshing to see my changes updated as soon as I submit them, in my case, upload them to production.

One down side about some side projects is the audience. As a developer, we think as a developer and it can hurt us when we leave the technically unsaavy out of the picture. Where is should we draw the line for the Internet, even computer illiterate?

Case 1: “When I click it, should I save it or open it?” (When clicking a *.doc, *.zip, etc.)
Case 2: “I also get an advertisement for WinZip or no response at all. Please let’s get this fixed. Thanks for your help.” (When clicking a *.zip file.)
Case 3: “Yeah, it could get confusing when someone doesn’t know the difference between the arrow and the hand.” (When rolling over a link.)

How do you address these “issues” users are having? I can’t write a how to for everything on the website! Is there a manual out there for completely new users to the Internet?

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