Server Was Feeling a Little Down.

I was working diligently, then decided to play Battlefield 2.
(8:10:41 PM) s 0 h e l 01: ur domain busted

Damn, now time for live support:
olive: Hello, my name is Olive. What can I do for you?
thomas: hi, i think my host server is down or something.
thomas: i’ve tried pinging, ftp, and just regularly visiting the site
olive: Please wait a minute. Let me check.
thomas: thanks.

//played a round of BF2 and I’m now a Sergeant! This time, I unlocked the G36C. Yumm…

thomas: any success?
olive: Sorry for long time waiting. I am checking.
thomas: ok

//another round

olive: Thank you for your patience. There’s a routing issue right now. Our network technicians are working on it right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
thomas: what should i do in the mean time?
thomas: i’m currently developing on it, but without ability to publish, i can’t work.
olive: Sorry for the inconvenience.
thomas: how long should this take?
thomas: estimate, please.

//yet another round

olive: I am sorry. I did not get any estimate time from our network technician. If your website not working within the next 20 to 30 minutes. Please contact us again.

Now I guess back to BF2 until it goes back up. Only then will you all be able to see me again.

UPDATE – 9:10 PM (only one hour elapsed time!)
olive: The issue should be fixed now. Please check.
thomas: thanks!

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