One Too Many Demos.

Agile Development: “Most agile methods attempt to minimize risk by developing software in short timeboxes, called iterations, which typically last one to four weeks.”

I totally agree with this, but check out our perversion of it. We have multiple iterations, but of the presentation (not the software). It was of the same damn version: the Prototype!

Developer Led:
February 8: Finished the Prototype.
February 15: Initial “Prototype Demo”.

Business Analyst Led:
February 21: Trial-Demo before the Business.
February 23: Demo to the Business (Representative).
March 5: Demo to the Business (Asia).
March 6: Demo to the Business (North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa*).
*Really, just Europe.

Each demo was a critique to make sure we show something good the the Business. After each demo shouldn’t we improve and come back with another iteration? No, we have to make sure its consistent for our “script”. That’s right, we had a script during the demo and held on to it with dear life.

Meanwhile, I’m done with the new framework (just the basics) and starting to create one of the five reports for our next iteration, it’s called the “Functional Demo”.

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