Silly Customer Service.

So I was charged a Service Fee of $17.00 yesterday. This morning I called them up to find out what the heck it was for…

Telephone Banker 1: “Sir, are you aware of the type of account you have you need to have a minimum amount in the account?” (She’s talking about the Premier Account that requires some $18K for a waived fee.)
Me: “Oh, yes I am, but I’m an employee.”
Telephone Banker 1: “Oh, this happened to me too, I just talked to my manager.”
Me: “You can’t fix it for me?”
Telephone Banker 1: “No, just talk to your manager.”
Me: “Ummm…”

Back and forth…nothing solved. So I call back again.

Telephone Banker 2: “Oh, let me talk to my supervisor.”
Me: “Ok.”
…a few minutes go by…
Telephone Banker 2: “I’m sorry about that. The fee will be returned within one business day and will no longer charge you. Is there anything else I can help you with?”
Me: “No, that was it, thanks!”

Why can’t people stop being lazy and just do their job?

2 thoughts on “Silly Customer Service.

  1. Dude this same exact thing happened to me.

    I got charged in Dec and Jan so I went to the bank and they said it got taken care of.

    Got charged again in Feb. Went back and the lady says she has to call tech support. I wait ten minutes and shes still on the phone. So I gave up waiting.

    Find out on the 15th if I get charged again.


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