"Moving Up."

Why is a Business Analyst considered a higher role than a Developer?

BAs are the filter and mediator between the developers and clients. I still don’t understand how that makes them a “higher” position. There should be at least one developer for BA and vice versa for a project. Each have their own distinct role, but no one is higher than the other, right?

A developer can be a BA and vice versa. It’s a preference of what a person wants to do on project, not a promotion from dev to BA. The development track is parallel, not serial and can be combined (i.e. dev/BA role).

Developer > Team Lead (of Devs) > Architect.
Business Analyst > Team Lead (of BAs) > Manager.

What’s your take on it?

2 thoughts on “"Moving Up."

  1. Weird, I’ve heard that to but I’ve always considered them to be seperate tracks.

  2. I know where I work they are separe tracks and at leats my BA is NOT my boss or has a higher role than I do. However, management does seem to think so as ALL BA’s have offices which is not the case for the System Analysts.

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