"New" Elevator Technology?

For all those at 1111 Fannin, we hate this “New Elevator Technology.” It may just be that we’re running on old algorithm, slow CPU, or maybe its just the slow elevators themselves. Whatever the case, the elevators here suck. If a technology sucks it doesn’t matter if it’s new or old.

Also, it’s a choice of whether you’d rather wait in an elevator to get to your floor or wait outside until the algorithm determines the best action to take. Personally, both suck…maybe we’ve all grown to be impatient.

3 thoughts on “"New" Elevator Technology?

  1. a lot of times even if you increase the throughput of a process (elevator capacity, reduced time to get to floor, etc) since the process is less interactive it *feels* like it takes longer.

    Example, using arrow keys to navigate a text area is provably slower than grabbing the mouse and clicking where you want to go. But you’re doing something (push-push-push-push-push-push-push-push-push-push) so your brain thinks it’s being efficient.

    How do you do your blog on thomasnguyen.com?

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