Want It? Just Ask For It.

So some of you may know that my MDA died on Labor Day weekend. I’ve been using my old i-mate sp3i as a replacement. The bottom row keys don’t work (*, 0, #)…boo.

I called up T-Mobile the weekend of Labor Day weekend and asked for a new phone. Too bad my 2-year contract doesn’t end until June of next year or pay the full price of $449.99! So I gave up and dug out my sp3i.

I dropped by T-Mobile today to see if I could do something at a store. I waited around for a bit and BAO CHUNG popped out! He’s and old friend. Anyway, he couldn’t do anything either…boo. He told me to call up the Customer Care and just simply ask for it. Be nice of course, but just ask for it.

I get home and do as he says…VOILA: Titanium Blackberry Curve for $249.99, just like the store discount. DONE.

And now, I wait…

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