NYTimes.com – Double Click a Word, Try It.

I just read a short article on 43 Folders and wanted to read the full article. As I was reading, I came across a familiar word, but did not really remember the full meaning, so I wanted to look it up. I scrolled over and double clicked “dilettante“. BAM a window pops up and I think it’s another annoying advertisement. I glance over and there is a full definition of the word! Nothing but awesome, so I had to post it ASAP.

I tried clicking other words, small ones long ones, people, places, everything I could think of, but Answers.com find almost everything. The coolest feature is the query does not just search the word, but instead the context the word is used. For example, try clicking on “LONDON” at the very beginning. FAILED! But it’s okay. It is only returning what it was told to query on.

I wish some other websites like CodeBetter.com and other development websites had something similar to this, but instead pointing to API/SDK documentation and stuff.

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