CI in SD Conference.

Continuous Improvement in Software Development Conference!
Long name for something I’ve been longing.

I’m at a point in development where I need to start improving not just code, but the also practices as an entire team. There are so many things out there to help product development/quality, but I just don’t have enough time to investigate them on my own. What better than to learn from the cream of the crop?

So, where do I learn about these things? From the source! Subscribe to their blogs and you’ll get the news before it’s anywhere: Ayende Rahien, Chad Myers, and Jeremy Miller.

2 thoughts on “CI in SD Conference.

  1. Oh and CIISDKJFKELRJGG##%# (the poorly named conf) is invitation only. Sure you can register, but then Bellware is going to hand pick people he thinks are good enough to be there.

    I just found that out. That’s pretty f’ed up.

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