I Just Installed Windows 7 Beta!

My first impressions are really, really good:

6:05 – Boot from DVD
6:06 – “Installing Windows…”
6:19 – Rebooted
6:26 – Another reboot
6:28 – Setup (enter in key, username, password, computer name)
6:32 – Windows 7 welcome sound

That’s less than thirty minutes from start to finish! Not only that, the background is of a Bet(t)a fish! That tickled me. I had trouble getting the drivers setup for the wireless, but I’m installing it on a Sony Vaio SZ670, so go figure. Below are some start up numbers, enjoy.

Drive C:
-Used Space: 9.06 GB
-Free Space: 132 GB

31 Processes running

I’m going to play around more and see what’s new. Hopefully, VS08 and SQL05 install properly.

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