Seven Days Without a Phone.

Two Fridays ago, October 2, I lost my BlackBerry 8900 on the bus. The following Monday I called up METRO to see if anyone turned in…nothing. I waited a few more days and tried again, they found a BlackBerry! I described it to them and even asked them to open the back panel where I put a sticker. They verified and gave me a tag number (365928) and was told to visit the 1220 McCarty office to pick it up on Friday, October 9. I showed up and they pulled out an older BlackBerry 8110 in its holder. It’s the wrong phone! There’s no way this phone could have the same sticker I had, so popped it open and nothing. I drove all the way out there for nothing due to lazy, incompetent people. ARGH!

Well, not really nothing – Purple Heart was picking up the items no one picked up in the last thirty days and I got a card from them with all the locations. Time to donate all my hoarded stuff!

So for my seven days without a phone I realized I don’t really need all the fancy stuff – Internet and email. I do need a phone though. There were many times when my phone book would have helped – no one remembers phone numbers anymore, right?

So for my next phone, I’m thinking about getting another BlackBerry, the next Android, or conform and get an unlocked iPhone. I’ll have to do some research and see what’s available. Meanwhile, I’ll be using my awesome Nokia 2610!

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