Japan Trip 2010: Tokyo 2

We all pretty much knocked out the night on our way back to Tokyo, but after we all got settled in at Hotel Shirakawago, some of us got pretty hungry.

Delicious Late Night Meal

Even after that, Amy and I decided to make it out to a bar. After some walking around, we found our way to Shot Bar! It was pretty late when we got back, so instead of trying to get 2-3 hours of sleep, we decided to play dominoes through the night. Yup, no sleep. I haven’t done something like that since college!

Shot Bar, No Chrage! Our Bartender All-Nighter Dominos More Engrish

Tsujiku Fish Market

Morning came and we went back upstairs to get ready to head out to the Tsujiku Fish Market. We even found some posted directions at our station for us tourists.

My Kind of Statue Girl's Bar NOMNOM Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan How Long Until This Hits the States? Sweet, Instructions!

It took us a while to find where it was, but when we got there, we saw lots of packaged food, giant gutted fish, and even a styrofoam container filled with fish heads.

The Fish Market Interesting Food, 1 Interesting Food, 2 Ginormous Fish Fish Heads!

Hunger set in pretty quick and we found a little ramen place. Amy, Sarah and I stopped for ramen while Dan and Rami went somewhere else. After I finished my bowl of ramen, I went to go look for the guys and found them at a little breakfast sushi place. Nothing stopped me from even thinking twice about having another breakfast!

Found a Ramen Place On NYTimes? Sweet. Breakfast Round 1 Finally, Time to Eat Breakfast Round 2

We walked around a little more and saw so much raw fish. I could stop by here for breakfast everyday, forever!

So Fresh Holy Crap That's a Huge Cut Mini Cubed Fish Color Coded Price See You Later, Fish Market!


Ginza was just a walk away, and on our way, we bumped into this crazy store, Don.K! They seriously have everything you can imagine there. From Halloween costumes to snacks and even hair styling stuff.

Sensory OVERLOAD Without These, You'd Be Lost Forever DON.K! Nissan Gallery, Ginza Cafe in Ginza

I was able to snag some videos at the Yamaha store while a demostration was going on:

Yasukuni Shrine and some Sumo Wrestling

We went to go find the Yasukuni Shrine to check out some sumo wresting! Afterward, I found more vendor food and yes, I ate more.

Welcome to the Shrine More Cherry Blossoms Intense Decoration Oomura Masujiro Statue Does This Say "Welcome"? Chumon Torii Sumi Statue Bandaged Tree Trunk? Roots and Petals Make a Wish Haiden Sumos! FIGHT! Perfect Assembly Line Final Product, So Delicious

Fugu Dinner

Yes, fugu. A lot of people said I shouldn’t eat it, but if this was going to be the last meal of my life, then let it be. Obviously, I’m fine and the dinner was great! Everything was fugu – sake, sashimi, appetizer, and dinner.

Group Picture with Everyone

FUGU! Fugu Menu Fugu Sake and Some SIdes Raw Fugu Skin Strips Starting Up the Boiler Sugu Sashimi and Red Wasabi Fugu Insides, Still Pulsating Fried Fugu Skin Strips Dinner is Served! Premature Group Picture

Jack Bar and Yet Another Late Night Snack

Fugu was great and we made our way around the area. After much debate and aimlessly walking around, we ended up at Jack Bar for some drinks, darts, and more drinks. Afterward, we stumbled upon a little restaurant to fill our hunger. Surprisingly, they served beer and we couldn’t say no.

Moet to Celebrate the Night Spherical Ice! Outside Jack Bar Late Night Pizza Happy Campers

Next up, Fuji Q Highland Park!

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