A Warm Welcome to New York City

As some of you may know, I have left the warmth of Houston, Texas and started the next part of my life in New York City. I am back at JPMorgan Chase as a .NET Developer/Team Lead.

New York City did not welcome me when I first arrived. I took a flight from HOU to MDW and the same plane was going to fly to LGA, but got cancelled just as everyone was done putting up their bags. We deboarded the plane and a lucky few of us got on a plane to ISP (Long Island). My bags were going to stay in Chicago since the flight was taking off in just fifteen minutes.

Rebooked Flight to Long Island

After landing, I did not believe my eyes, but the entire airport was SNOW. A couple of us who were trying to get to New York took the LIRR back to Penn Station where I finally got a taxi to Joseph’s place. Remember, my checked bags? I picked them up just a few days later from the airport. What a freaking hassle (Thanks Yuwi for helping to pick up my bags!)

Tonight marks the second night in my apartment on the Upper East Side. I have nothing but the things I brought with me on the plane – two carry ons and those two checked bags. Believe it or not, I am actually quite happy. I signed up for ZipCar and need to pick up my card so I can start trolling Craigslist to furnish my apartment.

I’m trying to take pictures of all the food places I visit, but it just sometimes ruins the moment. I have reinstalled Foursquare, but I will not be publishing them to anyone just for historical purposes. Enjoy some of these:
Post Snowboarding DinnerMy First Haitian DinnerRamen DeliciousnessFlea Market CafeMy First Brunch in New York

Some of my random thoughts while in New York:

  1. Don’t wear sneakers in a place with heavy snow – there’s SLUSH afterward
  2. Get some waterproof boots
  3. On my birthday, I got to see the sun (the last time I saw it – HOUSTON), I got the keys to my apartment and found out a coworker of mine has the exact same birthday as mine!
  4. I never though I’d say, “It’s 40 outside, kind of warm today”
  5. I took a black trail while snowboarding in CamelBack
My First Black Trail, Pharaoh

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