Crushed Central Park Today

The last time I dedicated a ride to Central Park was back in August 29, 2012 – almost a full month ago! Since then, I’ve been biking all around the city and decided to make it back to the park today. I didn’t know what to expect.

I forced myself to keep up with a one road biker for almost a full lap, but skipped out on Harlem Hill. I even kept up with a super fast road biker pair for 1/4 of a lap. Man, that was the toughest ever! The results are beyond magnificent.

I completed four total laps: one full lap (with Harlem Hill) followed by three speed laps (skipped Harlem Hill). Eighteen (18) Total Achievements: 7 Personal Records, 4 Second Bests, 4 Third Bests. 7 + 4 + 4 = 15. The other three came from multiple achievements per segment.

To put things in perspective, here are my times:

Segment July August September
The “ACTUAL” Harlem Hill 2:09 1:54 1:39
Harlem Hill 2:03 1:39 1:33
Central Park Full Loop 25:24 23:34 18:15
10mi TT 46:43 37:18 29:06
Empire Speed Skating Loop Central Park 31:10 22:42 18:18
Uptown Zip 4:00 4:49* 3:28
Cat Hill Climb 1:39 1:00 0:54

*Not sure what happened that segment, I must have got really tired or enjoying the view. Most likely the latter.

Now it’s time for some sushi as a reward!