If all else fails, ask the captain.

Shey and I put together a presentation about our ideas and suggestions about the new lab renovations. Time comes and we begin. Everything goes fine, until 2 seconds into our presentation when we give our ideas. WTF. It’s a presentation about what we think, not a presentation about what the department should do, but everything we say is taken into offense and DENIED.

But it’s ok, we met with the captain, Dr. Garbey, and he heard us out. It was great. I know our idea will be compared to the original plan, and might not even be picked, BUT Dr. Garbey sat, listened, and even gave input about our plan. How awesome is that?!

Now I’m hoping our ideas and concerns are addressed in the final plan of the lab renovations. Even though I’m graduating in Decemeber, I’m still hoping for a great future for the Computer Science department (as I may return for a Masters).

3 thoughts on “If all else fails, ask the captain.

  1. Wow Dr.Garby! your best friend eh? WELL I BET if he asked to come over YOU’D SAY yes! MEANIE!?!?!?!?!

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