Space + Time > DVD?

My HDD = 179 GB
My Music = 26.8 GB
30 minute show = 1.65 GB
(1.65 GB) * (70) = 115.5 GB
26.8 GB + 115.5 + (OS/applications/data/etc.) = 173 GB

30 minute show = 30 minutes to convert (DVR 2 WMV)
(70 shows) * (30 minutes to convert) = 35 hours (at 90%+ CPU usage!!!)

The Solution?
After this, I’ll need to edit out the commercials, then back them up! OMG, I’m just going to BUY the DVDs…or will I?

7 thoughts on “Space + Time > DVD?

  1. Wow 30min for only 1.65GB that is one crappy computer or program, I can rip and compress 8.9GB FROM DVD to HDD in 60min that is From DVD to HDD <-- bottle neck.
    What kind of CPU, memory and graphics card are you running on that pc

  2. Yeah, but it’s time you could spend doing other things, like looking at porn, or having sex with hookers.

  3. I’m running 3.0GHz P4 (w/HT) and 1G RAM, but the graphics card wouldn’t be an issue with it…would it? Program uses DirectShow to decode the audio, video, and strip the metadata in the *.dvr-ms and combine it back to a *.wmv. I thought it’d be quick…but NOPE. DVRMSToolbox does it all in one small, yet CPU consuming application as well.

    Ya’ll know what I want for XMAS!

  4. What’s the read speed on your DVD drive? And ‘Supreme Commander of the Universe’ you are running an A64 so of course you’re gonna outperform Thomas.

  5. german, 30 min for 1.65 gb is normal.. cause a 4.7 gb dvd only fits about 2 hrs worth of video.. compressed.. if u know how to fit more.. let me know.. doubt you will though.

  6. Haha Sohel you underestimate the Suprem Commander of the Universe, normal DVD’s are at least 8.7GB each, because they are DVD9’s what you have at home I believe are DVD7’s. And there is a way to but more then 2 hours of video on a DVD its called Compression lol.

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