JPMC Interview.

I’m so glad it’s all over and done with. It went fairly well and I’m really hoping to hear back from them. First was a 30-minute test, then two 30-minute technical and behavioral interviews. Last was the 30-minute group activity.

1) How does JPMC make money?
2) How does IT play in the financial industry?
3) What is the stock of JPMC as of this morning?
4) What are polymorphism, instance, and class in OOP?
5) In the context of a database, what is clustered and non-clustered?

Technical Interview
-What are the differences between C, C++, and C#?
-How does C++ and C# handle/work with passing by reference and by value?
-What are some design patterns?
-How would you implement the singleton pattern in C#?
-What is threading?
-What is a semaphore and a mutex?

-All the normal stuff, nothing new or crazy.

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