USAA Day Two.

So day 2 started with at 6:00 AM alarm and a full suit with out a tie. I don’t know why, I just didn’t feel like wearing a tie that day, so I didn’t. Breakfast was served and interviews began: 2 thirty minutes long ones! The managers there are all so freaking nice, it’s unbelievable how nice they were and comfortable they made me feel! After interviews we toured the place and David came out to see me. We toured the 1.5 mile long building and they seem to have everything covered except for a hair salon. Here are a few pictures of the adventure back. Too bad I couldn’t snap photos inside USAA…

Hotel  Lobby. SA Airport. TAKE OFF! Above the Clouds.

I have moved my decision to not move to San Antonio to a BIG maybe. WHY? It’s more like moving to USAA as opposed to moving to San Antonio. The environment and culture of USAA is so awesome.

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