Visual Studio Is Hungry.

So we decided to use VS on a web project. Well, after adding a few pages, controls, and such we apply a *.css. Something cool thing you can do with Visual Studio .NET 2003 is select certain controls and change a common property of those controls, in this case, the CssClass.

I highlight about 10 controls, change the CssClass property and BOOM, my computer goes into an ultimate freeze. CTRL+ALT+DEL lets me see that devenv.exe is taking about 95,544K of memory and about 93%-99% of the CPU resources! It locks up for about 10 minutes!

All it needs to do is all the property tag and value to each control, which is only a text file. Any insight on why VS would consume so much memory to change one property of 10 controls?

(May I remind you that I’m using a Centrino 1.7GHz with 1GB of RAM. The minimum requirements for VS.NET 2003 is way below this.)

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