Viva Las Vegas, Baby.

Vegas: $20 on red. | “Be my wing man.” | Binion’s $5 steak, potato, and veggies. | Star Wars’ penny slots. | Ho Chi Minh’s sister. | “Because I have a PSP” | I’m up $5, cash out! | Roman P, you still in Vegas?

Walkway. Statue of Liberty Brooklyn Bridge. PEPSI!!! Monte Carlo.
COCA COLA!!! Mmmm.... I Coulda Won This. KA Sold OUT! CLOSED?!
Sin City, Indeed Lobby of the MGM. The Warmer. Sign. Front of MGM.
Street View of MGM. NYNY, LV. Crazy Waterfalls. Walkway to NYNY. Street View.

What I’ve missed out on:
Dustin got an AE-86, that whore.
Sohel uses insecticide to wash his car.
Christmas shopping…I should start, huh?
Having that special someone for the holidays.

Kashif, I did it: Monday evening through Thursday evening without a laptop! When I came back, first thing I did was pass out, but after I got up, I turned on my laptop to see what I missed:
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers
Insect/bug Macros
Evolution whispers some secrets

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