Documentation Fun.

Scope of the change
StatusType getDRESS_REHEARSAL() {
return(StatusType) get(“DRESS_REHEARSAL”, new StatusType());

StatusType getDRESS_REHEARSAL() {
return(StatusType) get(“DISASTER_RECOVERY”, new StatusType());

Please ignore the method name, it still remains. It’s everywhere in the code. Remember, this is the BBOM project. =)

Business case: Dress Rehearsal means nothing to the investment bank. The original developer misinterpreted this text and so my job was to fix it. Easy change. One line of code after digging around the code, seriously digging.

Documents I had to fill out in order to get this approved, signed off, and put in production:
Project Initiation Form (PIF)*
Impact Analysis
Code and Unit Test*
System Integration Test*
Quality Assurance Test
User Acceptance Test* (3 Regions: Evidence and Signoff)
Implementation Plan
Permit to Operate*

*Requires approval or signoff.

How much is too much documentation and processes?

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