Yes, We Hire Developers, Too.

We had a Robocode Competition a few weeks back. Two entries, good fun. There was a guest speaker there from NSM Alumni and after the meeting he asked why JPMorgan was doing a programming competition.

WHOA, hold up. Good question. Here at JPMC, I work for the Investment Bank Technology (IBTech). There seems to be a lack of knowledge that we have a technology presence here in Houston. Not a good thing since we’re in need of developers: newly grads and seasoned vets.

I doubt this post will go anywhere, but hey, if you’re reading it and this is news for you then I have done my job. Pass it on, let people know lots of companies, not just banks, need developers too. There’s a shortage of developers coming out of college. The dot-com bust ruined it for many, but now it’s picking back up, get on it.

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