Sony Style Service !Sucks.

So one of my monitors just completely died today. I called up the service 1 (866) 357-7669. I explained what happened and all they asked about was:

1. Where did you buy it: SonyStyle online.
2. Name: Thomas Nguyen
3. Model Number: SDM-HS75P/B
4. Approximate date I bought it: August 2006.

They found me within minutes, no joke. They knew what city it was shipped to, exact date I bought it, and even the CC I used (they used this to verify I was who I am!).

So, within 3-5 days after I fax in my order confirmation email to Sony, they’ll send me a replacement (refurbished) monitor and a return shipping box. Guess for how much? FREE! I can’t wait until it comes in.

The warranty for the monitor is 3 years parts/labor. So, I just need to save up until August 2009 for a new monitor. BAD ASS!

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