Simple Error Check = $39.00.

I have a Chase Savings/Checking account and two Credit Cards.

So I set up to pay my credit card and it asks for my checking account number. Shouldn’t that already be integrated since Chase owns both my Checking account and Credit Cards? blargh! I made a mistake when entering in my account number and submitted the payment for January. It cost me $39.00! The problem is, they didn’t tell me anything, just returned the payment and charged me a fee. By the time I saw this, my next payment was due in two weeks. So, I call them up and they look up my account to find my typo that cost me $39.00.

Yeah, I’m at fault, but couldn’t some exception handling or just simple integration to allow me to pay my credit card with my checking account directly?

Boo to Chase for not doing this!

***They waived the charge since I’ve got a bad ass history with them.

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