Brasil: Day 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Day 3: Formula 1 – Free Practice and Qualifying.
We get up again at five to get to the race and actually get out the door on time. Good thing we sat under a tree or else we would have burned up.

Day 3: Foreshadowing Place. Day 3: Wait...It's Just Practice Day? Day 3: It's the City, Not The Race. Day 3: MMMmmm, Ice Cream.

Day 4: Formula 1 – Race Day!
I guess everyone found trees because we got there early as hell and still didn’t get a place under the tree. We got burned.

Day 4: What a Sweet Safety Car. Day 4: The Drivers. Day 4: Ouch. Day 4: Formula 1: OVER.

Day 5: Guraruja.
We made a drive to the beach through some crazy roads and tunnels. When we got there, it was a bit cool and cloudy, but still fun nevertheless.

Day 5: It's a Muggy Day. guaruja brasil beach Day 5: What a Feeling. Day 5: Mmm...Coconut Meat.

Day 6: Sorocotuba and two other beaches.
We found a small beach and relaxed there most of the day. It was so secluded, we were only accompanied by crabs and two dogs. After a while, we traveled to two other beaches nearby, but nothing compares to Sorocotuba!

Day 6: SOROCOTUBA!!! Day 6: CRAB! Day 6: Boats, Boats, and More Boats. Day 6: Ayyy!!!

Day 7: Just a trip to the airport.
Nothing fancy to show.

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