Getting Involved Again.

So I’ve been meaning to get back on the HDNUG and AgileHouston train again for a while. A series of recent events finally made me get up and get involved again.

  • Last week, James and Ben (GO COOGS!) went to the ALT.NET conference in Seattle along with a long list of very famous people. I envy you two, hehe.
  • Yesterday, James and I had a short talk about how to get something started in his new found home, Ellensburg, Washington. He’s a bit far from Seattle to get drive to the events, so he’s looking for help. Today, I emailed Chris Koenig about helping James out with his connections. Within minutes, I get a response with a “handy-dandy” link and a few contacts…AWESOME.
  • This morning, my boss emails me about a free local event in Houston on May 7, 2008 on the “State of .NET” that we’ll be attending.

Good fun. I’m ready, bring it.

Oh yeah, I’ll be attending MMS this year in Vegas along with the SecureVantage team!

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