MMS2008 – Las Vegas, NV.

This was my first event of this type, size and magnitude. When I read that the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) sold out for the first time and there was going to be about 4,000-5,000 people there, I didn’t know what to think. Yeah, it’s a lot, but seeing it live is a totally different story. It was a five day/four night event full of hands-on labs, sessions, q&a, and an expo in the Venetian for an IT summit and SecureVantage (SVT) was one of the sponsors.

After six months with SVT, I’ve learned more about our product suite and now I can give you sky-high view of what our company does, “it’s easy as 1-2-3” (our sales pitch):

1. Security Management
Real-time alerting and health monitoring of Windows security events and group policy changes.
Windows Security Auditor: Alerting, operations and knowledge guidance.
Group Policy Auditor: auditing for changes and setting configurations.
Security Management Dashboard: centralized console for alerting.

2. Security Auditing
Administration, archiving and reporting for Audit Collection Service (ACS).
Audit Collection Admin: Console to administer ACS.
Audit Collection Archiver: Solution for archiving and historical reporting.
Audit Collection Base Reports: Forensic and IT audit reporting, filter lookups and dynamic grouping.
Audit Collection SYSLOG Gateway: centralized syslog event collection and reporting with ACS.
Security Auditing Dashboard: Centralized security console for Security Management and auditing solutions.

3. Security Compliance
Comprehensive regulatory knowledge and control mappings that deliver GRC-specific auditing and context sensitive alerting, knowledge guidance, operational views and security reporting.
Solutions: Compliance Management Packs, Audit Collection Compliance Reporting.
Libraries: CoBITs, DS484, FISMA, HIPAA, ISO 27002, PCI and SOX.
Security Compliance Dashboard: IT Auditor and Executive Portal for GRC Summary Analysis.

Items in red are the items I’ve developed with the help of our team. It’s awesome to hear customer feedback, inquiries and stories while I was at the expo, especially when it’s about the product you’ve created.

NOTE: A few pictures coming soon…hold your horses.
Here are the few pictures I took.

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