No Right Click? Use Shift + F10.

I’ve been using this Dell Vostro 1700 for almost a year now while working at Secure Vantage. I have absolutely no complaints about the performance of the laptop. Every time I pulled out my laptop at a coffee shop or library, I often get looks. This laptop is a monster and its heavy. I don’t mind it’s got a 3GHz processor, 2GB ram, and 240GB HD! I only have one complaint: the keyboard. There is just ONE key that is missing and makes me really frustrated: the right-click key. Weird part is that there’s an empty space between the right-ctrl key and up arrow key. There SHOULD be a right-click key there!

I’ve tried using the actual right button on the touchpad, but there’s a catch. Context menus have a this little underline thing for keyboard shortcuts. It does NOT appear if you use the mouse’s right-click. It only appears if you use the actually keyboard right-click key! I guess it makes sense, but I have times when I’m only on the keyboard, especially when coding.

I also remember my old tablet PC, the Toshiba M200‘s keyboard layout was annoying too. The right-click key and other stuff were jammed up at the top-right hand side. It was way our of reach of my fingers, but at least it had a right-click key.

Anyway, if you don’t have a right-click key or it’s out of range of your finger tips, you can also do a Shift+F10. Same effect and best part is its within my finger’s reach. Yeah, we developers are lazy.

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