Japan Trip 2010: Kyoto 1

Ark Hotel – Day Time

Ark Hotel Panoramic View
First Steps Out of the Ledge What's This Wire For?

After finding where to get our JR Passes and waiting in line to get them, we took a three hour Shinkensen ride to Kyoto, and then took a bus from the Kyoto Station to the Ark Hotel. We checked in and Amy found out that our defective window opened all the way and we walked outside on the ledge. The view was awesome!

Dinner, Part 1 of 2

After relaxing and walking around we randomly made our way to the best dinner ever at Gyuurakutei! I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Start Dinner with Sake and Beer Appetizers, NOMNOM! All Kinds of Cuts We Are Some Happy People FIRE! All Gone. Awesome Chopsticks Holder Mini Bowl of Meat MORE MEAT! Round N of Sake and Beer Menu of AWESOME Just Move the Decimal Over Twice What a Dinner! Yay for Dinner! So Satisfied

We all headed off to find a bar and ran into some more cherry blossoms…can’t get enough. We ran around looking for some random places and for a while nothing seemed right for us.

Bar Hunting Cherry Blossoms! Can't Get Enough What's Up With the Glare? Spanish Harlem Night Club


We finally found a really tiny bar, Booze K, with one of the coolest setup and bartender. Here’s a video I found to give you a better idea of the size. There were tons of toys to play with, lots of drinks to choose from, and even a coaster from Saint Arnold’s. We pretty much took over the whole bar and before we left, we have him a dollar that we all signed with his little colored pencils.

OMG, Saint Arnold!!! Yup, That's Our Dollar!Crazy Wall Stuff 1 Crazy Wall Stuff 2 Drinks. Drinks. Drinks.
Mini Bucket of Colored Pencils! Booze.K Brew? Doodling Nonsense Saint Arnold's In Japan! Egg Liquor. Yes, Egg Liquor. We Took Over the Bar Fun Toys Everywhere

Dinner, Part 2 of 2

Afterward, we then stumbled upon this little restaurant and had another dinner. Yes, multiple dinners a night became common for us. =)

Preparing for Food Cheers to the Other Table The Aftermath of Hunger Sarah and Brent

After finding our way back to the hotel, we got a little distracted and stopped by a Starbucks and even a little hobby shop. Yes, I bought something from the toy store.

Bicycles Everywhere Taxis Everywhere Toys Everywhere "Something" Important Ray Explaining the "Something" Shopping Strip Closed NAMPA! LOL Still Busy Late at Night I Really Like Cherry Blossoms This Looks Familiar

Ark Hotel – Night Time

When we got back to the hotel, some of us hung outside on the ledge. I’m not really good at taking night shots with people since it’s really hard to sit perfectly still for more than two seconds. I think most of these needed five to eight seconds at f/2.8 to come out like this. I think someone saw us through a window, so we decided to call it a night before getting kicked out.

On the Ledge at Night The City at Night Try Sitting Still for Eight Seconds Amy, the Ark Hotel Ghost

We had free wifi and my dad sent me the awesomest email ever. He recently learned how to use GMail and still composes a new thread to reply, hehe. I made no modifications to the spacing. I died laughing. =)

Thanks. Have good time. Every thing is small and low.Please watch your head. HA ! HA ! HA ! ! ! ! !

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