Japan Trip 2010: Kyoto 2

Sarah, Amy and I woke up early to find that Dan, Rami and Ray were still sleeping, so we decided to walk around and maybe find some breakfast. We found a crazy little corner store with ridiculously good looking, almost fake looking, fruits!

Real or Fake Strawberries? Individually Packaged! Crazy Awesome Fruits More Packaged Fruits What's the Name of This Fruit?

After Sarah got some strawberries, we went down some small alley and found the coolest little grocery store. Everything was perfectly packed – fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood – everything!

Kyoto Traffic...Lack Thereof Down the Alley Grocery Store! Perfectly Packed Check Out the Lettuce Reminds Me of Dinner Managed Meat Yumm, Fresh Fish Never Seen Meat Like This Cherry Tomatoes Unrefrigerated Eggs? Some Samples of Snacks More Samples of Snacks

After getting back to the hotel we met up with the rest of the group and just decided we’d take a train to the Shijo Shopping District and walk around.

3....Something Waiting at the Platform Patience at the Platform Stop at Shijo Dori Cherry Blossoms as Far as the Eye Can See Who is This Guy? Almost a Cingular Ad Always Wear a Helmet Bike and Scooter Parking

We got really hungry, so we stopped by some Tenkaippin near the Keihan Railway Gion-shijo place where you have to place your order at a ticket vending machine before coming in. There were a lot of these types of restaurants around Japan – so damn efficient!

Ticket for Food Found a Picture I Liked What's This Menu For? Taste It to Find Out What It Is Take a Pose! Now Your Turn The Other Group View While Waiting for Lunch

This is a shopping district, so we shopped!

Bought A Couple of These Thumbs Up If You're Ready for More Shopping Wazaaaaaa!

I was waiting outside of a shop and then all of the sudden a whole fleet of people in traditional Japanese attire walked down the street. Obviously, I had no idea why, can someone translate?

Marching in Kimonos Confused and Flustered Happy and Giddy

A the T-section of the shopping strip was a park. I still have no idea what the name of it is, but this was where the group of people congregated for a picture. Just inside were a lot of shrines and places with long strings with this prayer paper folded up and tied on them.

Marayuma Park Entrance IMG_1443 Wash Your Hands! Osame Fuda Bold Lantern in the Park

While walking down further, we ran in to a huge cherry blossom sitting area fully equipped with tables and tarp. I found a little stand with a ring of fish and had to grab one. It was delicious! We rested at a table and grab a couple beers.

Fish on a Stick Cherry Blossom Park Picnic in the Park Fish in My Belly Where's Rami? Thirty Two!!! Amy, the Poser Caught Sarah Candid

Nearby, we found a really huge cherry blossom tree. It was completely blocked off and everyone stopped to take a picture.

Shidarezakura (weeping cherry tree)

I’m not sure how this park is maintained, but giant ravens flock around this area. Maybe it’s be because of the food. We ran into a group of girls all in traditional attire, a little creek, a teeny tiny waterfall, and walkways with run off on each side – so smart!

Crossing the Bridge Edgar Allan Poe's Nightmare Four Kimonos Everyone - Me = Them The Brothers Crossing the Little Creek Bamboo Forest First Geisha! More Geishas Um...Yeah... Freeze! Take a Pose I Like Mirrors They're Almost in the River Finding Out Where to Eat

We met up with Brent and Kristine and had to wait for the dinner place to open. Kind of lame, but we had time to rest along the river and had some really good food!

Master of Chopstick Standing Round One of Dinner Round Two - CHICKEN! Spices That Go With the Chicken Our Dinner Place

After getting back to the hotel, for whatever reason we got hungry again, so we stopped by another ticket vending fast food place…YUMM.

Fast Food Ticket Vending Machine Beats Ketchup, Mayo, and Mustard Anyday You Can't Beat an EGG! "I Need a Cigarette!!!"

On our way back, we just wandered around and even caught a couple break dancers doing their thing.

Late Night Bridge Crossing Lonesome Bridge Waiting at the Bus Stop Break Dancing Trolling the Night Corner Late at Night

Next up, Hiroshima.

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