Japan Trip 2010: Hiroshima 1

We woke up to pack and catch a Shinkensen to Hiroshima. Joseph was even with us in spirit…or just on a window really. At the station, we found a Cafe Du Monde!

Teeny Tiny Truck Find Joseph Done Ordering New Orleans, Japan Waiting for Our Shinkensen

On these trains, there’s a lady with a snack cart walking around and I found the best candy ever! We had a one transfer and after you know, we got to Hiroshima.

The Best Snack EVER! Crazy Faces Tons of Taxis You Speak Engrish Welcome to Hiroshima!

After checking in at our hotel, we made our way to Miyajima Island. It was a really long ride, but worth it.

Onward, to the A-Bomb Dome Finding Our Way to the Hotel How Much to Get to _______ Yup, We're Sleeping in the Ground Ray, Dan, and Sarah

After getting off the last stop, we walked just across the street to hop on a ferry and head to Miyajima Island!

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear What Are Those Lines in the Water? Sapporo Makes Everyone Happy Peeka-Boo! Extreme Group Picture

We were looking for the Itsukushima Shrine and took a short path around the island. Walking through this gave me time to enjoy the sights and just reflect on life.

At Every Temple Entrance Just Pray Shake, Pick a Stick, Make a Wish More Lanterns All Done

Some people started getting hungry and others were getting cranky-hungry. We walked back down the path and into a small walkway. This coolest little restaurant’s bar area was completely filled by us.

Finding a Place to Eat Fried Oysters with Salad Delicious That's Not Mustard Toothpicks are the Bomb

After dinner we made our way to the five-story pagoda. It was a dark and windy night and I didn’t have my tripod with me. So improvised my beanie as a base, played with some settings, turned on the timer and crossed my fingers.

Pagoda Pagoda Profile 1 Pagoda Profile 4 Another View of the Temple How to Capture Properly?

We made it back to the ferry and the rail ride back to the hotel was a complete blur. I knocked out for most of the ride. Some of us decided to grab another late night meal and Amy learned to use an egg separator for the first time, so you know we had to video record it. On our way back we realized we were right next door to Round1, a 7 or 8 story game place. The other guys knocked out, so Sarah, Amy and I had a little fun playing BilliBowl and darts!

Awesome Graphic Read Carefully Hell Yes, Put an Egg on It Hell Yeah, Photobooth! Round1 Darts

More Hiroshima coming up soon.

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