Visiting Houston Again

Getting back home was quite a challenge:

  • Huge random rain storm arrived around 3-3:30 PM
  • My original flight delayed be two hours
  • Got an earlier flight to catch my connection in Atlanta
  • CANCELLED my original flight, whew
  • Missed the connecting flight because the flight attendants from AirTran closed the flight on us – even though they were still boarding
  • Got a confirmed flight for 5:30 PM Saturday
  • Called reservations at 6:00 AM and confirmed a 10:30 AM flight

My Lovely Atlanta Dinner Good Night, Atlanta My Bed for the Night

I can’t believe that my dad and my uncle haven’t seen each other for over thirty years! I’m really glad my dad met up with my uncle again and as my mom said, they’re like little kids. My uncle is quite a character and I can definitely see the quirkiness on my dad’s side of the family. We didn’t a lot of time to catch up, but we all did enjoy some good Houston-made pho at Pho Danh!

Bowl #1: Pho Bowl #2: Bun Bo Hue

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