One Column, Multiple Message Confusion

I just switched from Rdio to Spotify a few days ago. It’s great! The biggest annoyance during my daily use is the left column of the playlist:

It has multiple messages:

  1. No Star: I don’t like it or haven’t let you know yet (null-coalescing operator FTW!)
  2. Star: I like it
  3. Speaker: It’s currently playing

While listening to a song, I can’t tell if I have put a star on it or not. I have to physically move my mouse over the speaker to see if I already starred it. It probably seems very trivial, but it’s ridiculous to me. As I’m listening to a song the goal is to give feedback to the application whether I like it or not, right?

My taste continuously changes too, so what I stopped liking a song, do I have to grab the mouse again to see if I liked or not-yet-liked a song? I’m and avid keyboard user. It takes precious time to pick up hand and move it across the desk to my mouse. Even if it takes only a second, they add up quick!

Sidenote on Privacy

When signing up for Spotify, you have to grant it access (some, not all) to your Facebook account. You can’t manually revoke access via Facebook either – Spotify will prompt you and request access again or give you the option to log off. WTF?

Just let me know I can tune it down via Facebook and share to specific people/lists/or just myself. Most Facebook users don’t know this option, despite the company’s attempts to modify their privacy settings to be more user friendly. Applications that use the Facebook API need to also respect their users privacy options.