Rally Point in Caramulo

Funchal | New Year’s Fireworks | Porto | Caramulo | Lisbon

4 January 2012

We stayed up pretty late playing Spades, eating more shoe string fries, and planned to wake up early to catch the sunrise. Everyone made it except for Sarah, hehe.

Dawn at Caramulo

And check out this little video, Sarah since you missed out.

After going back to bed again, we ended up waking up pretty late in the afternoon, just enough time to check out the Museum across the street from the hotel. We weren’t allowed to take pictures, so I took a whole video tour of the place, lol. Just as we were leaving, they ensured we visited another car garage filled with classic cars. Once every year, they take these cars out for a drive.

Freaking Awesome Classic Alfa Romeo Classic...I Have No Idea Old War Vehicles Monster Rolls Royce Tiny Little Fiat Never Heard of Wolseley

After some more walking around, we tried to find a restaurant to grab a quick dinner before heading to Lisbon. I was starving.

Funchal | New Year’s Fireworks | Porto | Caramulo | Lisbon